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Meeting room up to 75 people- Theater Style Event Daytime

Sibley Communications Group

The New York City division of Sibley Communications group is in search of a location in which to host their human resources speaker series. While their office building is full of conference rooms, none of the facilities are able to accommodate their staff of 75 people. This one day event will enable their employees to take a lunch break but the Human Resources department would like to provide a light breakfast as well as beverages and snacks throughout the day. NYCSCC was able to provide Sibley Communications with a large space in which to hold their lecture serious as well as well priced catering services. By using NYCSCC’s value conference services, Sibley Communications Group was able to bring in effective lectures to speak to their employees.

Theater Style Meeting Room (up to 75 people) $1,395
Tech Package (LCD Projector, Laptop, Screen) $135
Wireless Internet Access $125
Catering (Assorted Bagels, Snacks, Coffee, Soda, Water) $548

Event Total $2,361
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