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Meeting in More than One Location

You have the job of planning a meeting with co-workers in New York City. Needing space to hold the event you call New York City Seminar & Conference Center for value space and quality service. It comes to your attention that a few of your co-workers are going to be on location in Chicago during the scheduled date. Do you reschedule your event so they can attend? Of course not! services allow user friendly web conferencing through the internet. Your coworkers can sign into the meeting online in conjunction with their laptop web cams and built in microphone and take part in the meeting in real time.

Cost for this type of event would be as follows.

Meeting Room (up to 15 participants)- $625
One time set up fee- $100
Video Application 4 hours- $80 ($20 per hour)
Audio Application 4 hours- $96 ($0.40 per minute)
Laptops (15)- $675
Wireless Internet Access- $145
Tech Packing (LCD Projector, Screen, Laptop)- $195
Catering (continental breakfast, soda, water)- $292.05
Total Cost of Event with $2,208.05



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