Case Study

Case Study: NYCSCC has the best price!
Problem: You need to conduct a one-day conference for 25 people, serving a continental breakfast and boxed lunch, but you only have a limited budget.

Solution 1: A mid-town conference center
For a 25-person event at a different conference center, you will be charged a flat rate of almost $4,000! You will then be charged a service fee and tax on everything, making the total $4,781! Why pay that much when the NYC Seminar and Conference Center can run your event for less than half the price?

Solution 2: A mid-range hotel
For a 25-person event at a hotel, you will be charged almost $1,000 for the room and then be taxed over 13%!! Then you will be charged almost $50 per person for a continental breakfast, and then over $80 per person for lunch.When all is said and done, the event will cost $6,308! Why even think of paying that much when the NYCSCC can run the same event for a third of the price?

Solution 3: NYC Seminar and Conference Center
At the NYCSCC we won’t charge you a tax or service fee on the room. We give you just what you need, without forcing you to have expensive, elaborate buffets. Would you like a continental breakfast for your meeting? It’s only $8.50 per person. A boxed lunch? That’s only $12.75 per person. With the full use of an LCD projector, a one-day event at the NYCSCC will only cost $2,006. 

Now you can see why the NYC Seminar and Conference Center is the best venue in New York City to plan a conference. Call today to plan your event! Hurry, because our summer dates are filling up quickly!