Case Study

Formal, yet inviting

The situation:

The reality is that although Wall Street gets all the attention, most head offices are located in Midtown, just a few blocks from our Chelsea facility. So when a major bank needed a space that would hold 300 employees for an annual meeting, they wanted to hold their meeting close to their headquarters.

The challenge:

Rounds with a good view of the presentation. Total privacy. Secure environment. Staff presentation. 

The NYCSCC solution:

We strategically placed three projectors and screens in order to cover all viewing angles, so even those in the back had a good view of the presentation.

There is no other activity in that area, so attendees were able to access the room straight from the elevator and large, solid wood doors ensured total privacy.

The building is covered by CCTV in the public areas and two uniformed security personnel are stationed at the main (and only) entrance.

As for our staff, we dress for the occasion. If your event is button-down then we will make sure our staff is wearing appropriate attire.