Case Study

Is there a nurse in the house?

The situation:

A large New York hospital was looking for space that would hold 150 people and cost them less than $5,000 per day. Medical staff (especially nurses) are exposed to numerous diseases every working day. The seminar provided them with information on how to prevent exposure to contagious diseases. They needed privacy and an area where experts could set up booths to provide the information, including best practices and preventative medications.

The NYCSCC solution:

We set up the lower level theater style with projectors, screens, and a wireless mic. The presenter was able to move around the room and three screens were showing PowerPoint presentations.

In the reception area, each vendor had enough space to display their signage as well as tables for their written information. Laptops were set up for website access. There was also room for a registration desk. Snacks and beverages were set up to the left of the vendors, enabling the nurses to take a break, check out the information and make their way back to the presentation.

The lower level is accessible only to groups holding events, so privacy was not an issue.