Case Study

Meeting room up to 30 people- Classroom Style Event Daytime

Downtown Medical Services


Downtown Medical Services is required to update and certify its secretarial staff on a yearly basis. As part of the seminar a representative comes in and teaches the staff about changes in the industry and what will be affecting their job in the coming year. As a benefit to the training, employees are also provided with lunch and beverages during the day. Downtown Medical Services has decided that they no longer need a luxurious facility but a functional room with catering capabilities. NYCSCC has become a great resource and offers Downtown Medical Services exactly what they need.

Classroom Style meeting room (up to 30 people) $695
Tech Package (LCD Projector, Laptop, Screen) $145
Wireless Internet Access $125
Catering (Lunch Platters, Soda, Water) $499

Event Total $1,598
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