Case Study

Secure. Private. Integrated.

The situation:

A large New York law firm required a number of rooms for a major arbitration. The group (lawyers from both sides, judges, assistants, clerks, etc.) was to meet in a room that could hold 45. They also wanted a separate area for food and beverage and several breakout rooms. Seven days a week. For five weeks. High-speed Internet and A/V equipment were necessary.

The challenges:

Obviously, the litigants could not be placed near each other. Boardroom-style rooms were needed on either side of the facility. The Internet was to be hard-wired and secure with a large amount of bandwidth guaranteed for each room. Access to a copier and fax machine was a must. Noise between rooms was also an issue. 

The NYCSCC solution:

We have a number of 200-square-foot rooms that work as boardroom-style meeting rooms. In particular, there are two rooms on opposite sides of the 5th floor. Each room has Polycom speakerphone capability. Our high-speed fiber Internet connection can be wired or wireless and is consistently reliable and uber-secure. In the above case, we were able to have our tech work with their tech to run tests and ensure that we weren't just "talking the talk." We also have a high-speed copier on site.

The legal profession loves NYCSCC! We are in a great location, which their clients can easily access. We are in a Class B building, which gives an air of professionalism and all the security that goes with it. Our staff understands the sensitivity of what is going on behind closed doors and understands the need for both accessibility and privacy.