Case Study

Small Group Videoconference on a Budget

Value Option - Room, Equipment, Internet Access

A small group (8 or less) needs to conduct a face-to-face meeting and presentation with one or more business associates in another location and different cities. Their meeting will include a back and forth discussion of business strategy, a Power Point presentation showing important business trends including graphs and bullet-point slides, the discussion of financial documents and data in Excel format, and the demonstration of a new web application and several digital images and videos. Several important decision makers cannot make the meeting, but would like the option to review the session, materials and discussion at a later time. The information is confidential and requires a secure and encrypted session. The budget for conventional high-end videoconferencing is prohibitive. The four hour session must be done on short notice, and the total cost cannot exceed $1,000.

The combination of NYCSCC’s Value Conference Center and IP-based Webconferencing Service offers an ideal solution. is similar to SKYPE, but much more powerful and secure for business use. The group reserves a standard size conference room outfitted with an LCD flat panel monitor, video camera, duplexing polycom speakerphone, laptop computer, and broad-band internet access that allows the secure broadcasting of the session to multiple locations over the internet using standard computers and internet connections. All remote participants need to OBSERVE is an internet connection with a standard PC or laptop computer with a browser; to be FULL PARTICIPANTS in the video conference session they need only a PC or laptop with any industry-standard USB webcam - no additional software or drivers are needed!’s multiuser tools allow easy back and forth discussion with synched audio (either voice-over-ip or integrated teleconference service) and video feeds appearing in standard browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari); Participants can use built-in groupware tools to share Power Point Presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, digital pictures and videos as well as share desktops and demo applications alongside the video feed entirely within the standard browser-based environment. At the option of the participants, they can record and make available to selected users the secure playback of the session over the internet at a later time. As many as 8 users can participate in the session with their own video and audio feeds; an unlimited number of remote users can observe and watch the proceedings remotely.

Total cost is well under $1,000 for all of the above for a four hour session. Click here to review an actual estimate and quote sent out for this event to a prospective client. Contact NYCSCC for a full explanation of the benefits of value videoconferencing!