Case Study

So Much Equipment

The situation:

Forget "marketing speak." Here is what actually happened:

A stock training firm teaching newbies how to buy and sell using various online solutions. Trading real money. In real time. After a few days of training, of course!

The technical requirements:

  • Bandwidth. Bandwidth. Bandwidth.
  • Segmented connection with guaranteed up/down speeds.
  • Pre-testing.
  • CNBC live feed.
  • Techies on site.


The NYCSCC solution:

Where to begin? Faculty from different cities with unique requirements, catering in particular. Students from different age groups. Desks with specific dimensions. Early start time. Crowd control. Limited budgets. 

Did we mention bandwidth was an issue? With access to up to 50 mb/s down and 25 mb/s up, bandwidth access was not a problem.. We were able to segment or assign the required bandwidth to their event and their event only, with plenty to spare. We worked with their technicians to ensure compatibility and ran live tests using the same software and services they were going to use during the 5-day training event. CNBC was broadcast on two 42-inch LCD TVs. Our technicians were just across the hall in case anything went wrong.

As a side note, a number of attendees were flying in from all over the country. We worked with a local hotel to offer group rates during peak tourist season.

We have over 100 Windows laptops and a number of iMacs, and the technical support to go along with the hardware. Provide the software and we will mirror it across however many laptops you require. We even offer iMacs fully configured with Adobe CS5 software that runs on OS X and Windows on the iMac. All of this at special "training room" rates that include the rooms, hardware, projector and screen (or LCD TV) and Internet (wired or wireless).

All this in the heart of the Flatiron District, otherwise known as Silicon Alley.