Case Study

With all this technology, you still need a suitcase

The situation:

A major manufacturer of luggage (from the staid to the funky) was looking for a space in Manhattan to display their wares to potential buyers from department stores, etc. They required a configurable area, a blank canvas in order to turn the "room" in to a showroom.

A national chain of travel agents flew approximately 100 employees to New York City for extensive training. With the advent of "online everything," the company needed to break down the training into segments (business travel, pleasure travel, etc.) so a number of different rooms were required.

The challenges:

For the luggage manufacturer, we had to turn over the room from computer training to a showroom and store the luggage before the event. Plus, we needed to remove the posters and the luggage in order to run another event, then set up the room exactly as it was the day before.

The travel agents were a boisterous bunch (we were warned in advance). We had to make sure they could roam freely from room to room without disturbing our other clients.

The NYCSCC solution:

We are experts at changing rooms over in a matter of minutes. Kind of like going from hockey to basketball at Madison Square Garden, without the $12 beer. Seriously, though, that is what we do. You can also hold a room, if you want to make sure your work of art stays untouched over a multi-day event. The storage was a snap. We have a large, secure storage area in the building.

We gave the travel agents access to all of the rooms on one side of the 5th floor and assigned two event managers to make sure the chaos was managed well. We timed the lunches so our other clients would not be caught breaking at the same time as the agents, and once again we segmented the Internet connections so everyone had access to their own high-speed service.