Case Study

"You have how much equipment?"

The situation:

Forget "marketing speak." Here is what actually happened:

  • A major sitcom was filming on 23rd Street. New Yorkers are used to seeing streets blocked off and those ubiquitous white trailers with masking taped names on the doors or "Luci" and "Desi" to hide the actor's names. But on major streets like 23rd you can't park the trailers. The crew had to eat. We offered them 2,400 square feet of customizable open space to feed the crew from 7 a.m. until midnight.
  • Very Mary Kate. Watch the videos. Recognize the room! These venerable Olsen twin "biographers" required a room that looked like a classroom. Shelves and all. So they used Seminar Room B, which has high ceilings, lots of natural light, and the vibe of an old-school classroom. That meant they needed minimal artificial lighting and limited setup and takedown time.
  • VH1 was filming a new reality series and required a room with high ceilings and no natural light. They also wanted to store their lighting equipment overnight to avoid paying late-night service elevator fees. So we moved the equipment to a locked room and they picked it up the next day.
  • Turkish soap opera--who knew? They rented the entire facility including the break rooms and the hallways within our facility. Lights, camera, anything's possible!
  • A well-known documentary filmmaker needed space to audition for his new TV series. Three chairs and good natural lighting was all they required. They sent out the lighting director to do the measuring and we provided the room for three weeks, which included a room for the talent and interns to wait and work.

Securing facilities to shoot in New York City is outrageously expensive. Not to mention onerous building restrictions. If you provide us with details regarding your production, we will find the appropriate room. All we ask is that you follow a few freight elevator rules, provide insurance documentation, and agree on where and when to shoot. In return, we can offer you "only in New York" rooms at a reasonable rate.


The various challenges:

Where to begin? Faculty from different cities with unique requirements, catering in particular. Students from different age groups. Desks with specific dimensions. Early start time. Crowd control. Limited budgets. 

The NYCSCC solution:

We have over 15 years of experience working with educational institutions and government agencies on a local, state and national level. We understand the need to follow strict guidelines when bidding for a job and the importance of delivering the product within rigid guidelines.

In the case of working with students, we have rooms that are separate from the conference center as a whole, which allows schools to run events without worrying about disturbing the other events.

There is no more diverse group than government employees and we have found that catering is a thorny issue when it comes to hosting events off site. Our catering menu is extensive and reasonably priced, including vegetarian and kosher items. We can also order specialty items with advance notification and still remain within the F & B per-person guidelines.