Case Study

Client Base Increased With WebEx

Training Session


Your company is integrating a new software program into the daily routine. To help everyone become acclimated, you start planning a training session. Your company has multiple locations and hundreds of employees in New York. In an effort to cut costs and work with a technologically savvy staff you call New York City Seminar and Conference Center. You book an event for 15 participants with laptops and wireless internet access. WebEx becomes the crucial element, giving you the means to save money and reach a large off-site audience either in real-time or at a later time by WebEx streaming video/audio. Only your 15 senior managers attend the training session at NYCSCC. The event is broadcast live, but it is also recorded for later secure streaming via WebEx to the rest of the off-site employees. Right from their desks, employees in New York and other locations across the country are able to sign on and view the training, following simple directions they receive via e-mail once the training session is underway. 

Sample costs for this type of event:

Meeting room (up to 15 participants)- $625
One-time WebEx set-up fee- $100
Video application 4 hours- $80 ($20 per hour)
Audio application 4 hours- $96 ($0.40 per minute)
Laptops (15)- $675
Wireless internet access- $145
Tech packing- $195 (LCD projector, screen, laptop)
Catering- $292.05
(continental breakfast, soda, water)
Total cost of event with WebEx- $2,208.05