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The Flatiron District: A Great Place to Host Your Event

Lower Level Event Hall (Classroom Style)

Flatiron's Historic Sites and Skyline!

Seminar Room A (Classroom Style)

High Line Park

Seminar Room B (Classroom Style)

The Flatiron Building in Profile!

Seminar Room C (Classroom Style)

Seward Statue in Madison Square Park

Lower Level Event Hall (Classroom Style)

40 West 24th Street Entrance

Conference Room 1 (Boardroom Style)

South End of Madison Square Park - Fountain and Shake Shack

Conference Room 2 (Boardroom Style)

In the Heart of the Flatiron District - Value Meeting Space for All Your Events!
Quick Look: How to Eat, Live, and Age Well According to Noted Wellness Guru Patricia Greenberg
Flatiron Hot! News had the pleasure of interviewing noted diet, fitness, and wellness evangelist Patricia Greenberg, author of Eat Well, Live Well, Age Well, on the challenge of living a better lifestyle no matter one’s age and physical condition.
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Social Distancing Diagrams

Click here to see our new diagrams that can give you an idea of how you can lay out your events in response to Covid-19.

Coronavirus Precautions at NYCSCC

To our Clients, Customers, and Patrons: Thank you for your interest in NYC Seminar & Conference Center! Our spaces are available again, and are prepared to host events that follow social distancing guidelines. We have plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies that we can use so that you don't have to worry about COVID.

NYCSCC Management and Staff