Case Study

Meeting room up to 6 people- Boardroom Style 4 Hour Daytime

TFD Career Consulting

TFD Career Consulting is an individual owner and operator who has a single room in an office building and most clients are seen on a one-on-one situation. Recently a group of clients has come in that are all in similar work fields and the owner decides that offering these people a class situation could be beneficial. In looking for a small meeting space, TFD Career Consulting is able to work with NYCSCC to have a small conference room once a week for multiple sessions and accommodate more than one client as well as provide them with light snacks and beverages.

4 hour Boardroom Style Room (up to 6 people) $160
Wireless Internet Access $125
Catering (Pizza Lunch, Coffee, Soda, Water) $58

Event Total $360
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