Case Study

The bureaucracy requires attention to detail

The situation:

Public schools, universities, and various levels of government host a number of events off-site. Often these groups are from out of state and are looking to host their events in this great city. They have very particular requirements regarding the event itself, but there are also billing issues that have no margin for error. Understanding how the various bureaucracies work is key to a successful relationship.

The various challenges:

Where to begin? Faculty from different cities with unique requirements, catering in particular. Students from different age groups. Desks with specific dimensions. Early start time. Crowd control. Limited budgets. 

The NYCSCC solution:

We have over 15 years of experience working with educational institutions and government agencies on a local, state and national level. We understand the need to follow strict guidelines when bidding for a job and the importance of delivering the product within rigid guidelines.

In the case of working with students, we have rooms that are separate from the conference center as a whole, which allows schools to run events without worrying about disturbing the other events.

There is no more diverse group than government employees and we have found that catering is a thorny issue when it comes to hosting events off site. Our catering menu is extensive and reasonably priced, including vegetarian and kosher items. We can also order specialty items with advance notification and still remain within the F & B per-person guidelines.